At SJC, we provide education with an objective to empower students to make decisions, to find creative solutions and plan effective action strategies. We constantly evaluate the classroom and teaching strategy to create the most appropriate education that your child deserves. The study programme for all learning levels is unique because it is a makes use the latest and the finest teaching methodologies.

The Pre-Primary Level (Kindergarten)

  • Learning is made interesting, is fun and activity based at this level.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in the activities such as drawing and coloring, writing, group games, clay modelling, puzzles, and conversations.
  • Poems and stories are taught by using expressive actions.

Primary School (Classes I -v)

The Primary School Programme at SJC classes I to V. A thematic approach is designed to stimulate the children through various inter-active sessions and activities.
The subjects covered in the primary school are:
English, Hindi, Science, Mathematics, EVS/Social Science, General knowledge, Value Education, Art Education, Drawing, Craft, Physical Education.

Middle School (Classes Vi-viii)

The Middle School Programme covers classes V to VIII. The emphasis is on acquiring in-depth conceptual knowledge, Personality development, value education and coping with peer pressure are stressed upon at this stage.
The subjects covered in the middle school are
English, Hindi, Science, Mathematics, Social Science, Sanskrit, Art Education, Value Education, Health Education, Urdu.

Secondary School (Classes Ix - X)

The Secondary School Programme covers classes IX and X. At this stage stress is laid on preparing students for the prescribed CBSE syllabus.
The subjects covered in the secondary school are
English, Hindi, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Civics, Geography, Economics, Computer Curriculum Science, Value Education, Art Education, Physical Education.