Manager's Message


I take it as my prime duty to make known to you, what does the school stand for. It stands for holistic education. Accordingly we have drawn up the theme for the year 2019-2020, ‘Dreaming for a better Me and We’. A child is trained not only for ‘living’ but also for ‘life’.

He / she is taught the skills of learning along with ethical principles. Besides, he is initiated into the demands of being a social human being, living and working with the family, the neighborhood, the village, the state, the country and the world.

All our efforts and activities are value-based, to build a new India where there is harmony and peace, in order to bring a new world order, without any distinction of race, caste, religion and colour.

Along with academics and personal growth, we strive for experimental and action-oriented programmes like anti-pollution drive, tree planting, visiting slums and hospitals, in order to give a ‘we’ feeling and lead the students to awareness and conviction.

This goes a long way to make education holistic and balanced, We provide a joyful learning environment and a beautiful infrastructure for conducive learning.

The door of St. Joseph’s Convent school is always open to you to train your sons and daughters into good human beings.