Principal's Message

ST. Joseph’s Convent Sr. Sec School - Namli, Ratlam

"Real education is that which enables one to stand on one's own legs" Swami Vivekananda. Is health, happiness discipline not important in one's life? Should teachers and parents spend time in inculcating discipline, values and responsible behavior in children? Education is not merely for scoring the marks, but it is about building a good human being, a responsible citizen and person who can handle the challenges of life in healthy and in a responsible ways. Education is the systematic process of training head, heart and hand. Through which the child acquire knowledge, experience, skills and sound attitude. It makes the child civilized refined and cultured. Our aim is to train our students to become well formed persons, further aims at promoting values such as respect for common cultural heritage, democracy, equality and sexes, protection of environment, national unity, generosity towards the poor and needy, inclusive love, respect every human being, love for nature and its inhabitant. It is the universal truth that the teachers mold the nation. The endeavor of every educator should be to keep up their expectation by providing the best education so that our students may be considered best. It's our well trained teachers who fulfill this great expectation of all the parents and the guardians. We educate our students for harmony love and peace. That is what important in today's world so we provide more emphasis in building the character. What we believe in all that all students should be happy we believe happy individual happy generation that take the nation in the world tomorrow in to a better world which has more peace more love that what the end of the day matters.